Close Up

20 September - 9 October 2015: Klute


Alan J. Pakula
1971 | 114 min | Colour | Digital

"I love inhibitions because they're so nice to get rid of." New York call girl Bree Daniels says. Jane Fonda is the star of Klute, a moody detective thriller in the noir style, and received an unexpected Oscar at the lowest point of her popularity with middlebrow America. But her showcase performance as Bree, a prostitute stalked by a psychopath, wouldn’t work without Donald Sutherland’s contrasting portrayal of John Klute, an introverted detective drawn into Bree’s world when he taps her phone and follows her. It’s a very subtle and self-effacing performance in which Sutherland finds a way to portray basic decency without becoming sentimental. The gradual development of the love affair between him and Fonda is beautifully handled by both actors.

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