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22 July 2018: Jacques Rancière and the Politics of Art Cinema book launch


James Harvey launches his new monograph, Jacques Rancière and the Politics of Art Cinema, presenting some of the book’s core arguments in conversation with Christopher Kul-Want. Rancière's body of work allows for a refreshed, poetic, socially engaged view of cinema, as explored through our ongoing philosophy and cinema programme.

Jacques Rancière and the Politics of Art Cinema draws out some of Rancière’s key writings on political and aesthetic philosophy through analyses of a diverse range of contemporary global art films. From the documented incarceration of Jafar Panahi in This is Not a Film to the liminality of John Akomfrah’s essay films on migration, the book explores how those working in the field of art cinema are engaged in a discourse of unique political potential. 

Join us to discuss and explore the work of one of the foremost thinkers of the cinematic image.

Organised in parallel to Christopher Kul-Want’s Jacques Rancière programme