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3 - 18 September 2022: Through the Olive Trees


Through the Olive Trees
Abbas Kiarostami, 1994, 103 min
Persian with English subtitles
03/09 screening introduced by Ehsan Khoshbakht

Abbas Kiarostami takes meta­narrative gamesmanship to masterful new heights in the final instalment of The Koker Trilogy. Unfolding “behind the scenes” of And Life Goes on, this film traces the complications that arise when the romantic misfortune of one of the actors – a young man who pines for the woman cast as his wife, even though, in real life, she will have nothing to do with him – creates turmoil on set and leaves the hapless director caught in the middle. An ineffably lovely, gentle human comedy steeped in the folkways of Iranian village life, Through the Olive Trees peels away layer after layer of artifice as it investigates the elusive, alchemical relationship between cinema and reality.

Screening as part of The Koker Trilogy