Issue 1 | March 2006


David Holzman’s Diary

By Nancy Harrison

In summer 1967, film-making obsessed New Yorker David Holzman sets out on an attempt to make sense of his world by using his proudest possession – his 16mm Éclair camera – to document his life. On the morning of July 14th, one day after he became eligible for the Vietnam draft and lost his job, he begins to make a film diary in the hope that hero Jean-Luc Godard’s pronouncement that “film is truth at 24 frames per second” will provide the answers he seeks. With his life slipping out of his grasp, David hopes his film will ‘bring life into focus’. But filming his life simultaneously destroys it, completely taking over his life and in just over a week he is alienated, confused, alone and close to the edge…
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Fajr Film Festival Diary, Iran

By Michael Chanan

Intense curiosity and a little unease are my feelings as I set out for the Fajr film festival in Tehran. Curiosity because it is always deeply fascinating to physically arrive in a place which you know from its image on the screen, and I've been watching Iranian cinema for a dozen years or more.

Alex Cox Box Set

By Rob McCrae

Eschewing the chance to work with Steve Martin for his own cinematic, singular vision means Cox can celebrate his legacy defined by his choices.

The Proposition

By Jason Wood

The Proposition a powerful and intelligent Australian Western set in a savage corner of the bushranger outback. After the capturing two of the outlaw Burns brothers, lawman Captain Stanley (Ray Winstone) risks all by releasing the older brother Charlie (Guy Pearce) on one desperate condition...

Animation by Tereza Stehlíková

By Metin Alsanjak

Tereza Stehlíková graduated from the Royal College of Art after completing an MA in Animation in 2001. She works as a filmmaker, illustrator, writer and visiting tutor at the Royal College of Art.