Animation by Tereza Stehlíková

By Metin Alsanjak

Watch two works by artist and animator Tereza Stehlíková

Tereza Stehlíková graduated from the Royal College of Art after completing an MA in Animation in 2001. She works as a filmmaker, illustrator, writer and visiting tutor at the Royal College of Art. Tereza has just finished a short reportage for the BBC (Untold London), and is currently working on Tactile Experiments, a project that is using the sense of touch as a means of exploring hidden aspects of ordinary objects, the result of which she is turning into stories, drawings, photographs, and a film. Other projects she is currently involved in include collaborating on an illustrated book of short stories with the artist and printmaker Mila Judge-Furstova and an experimental documentary about butterfly collectors. Born in Prague, she lives and works in London.

Project 8

A short animation that explores various textures, surfaces and sounds collected whilst the artist was travelling through China, assembled within a rigorous structure based on the rhythm of drawers being opened and closed. 

Green Angel

A short animation, a collage seeking to envision the textures and layers of memory. Shot on 16mm and video, this is a collaboration with a composer and musician.