Issue 10 | June 2007


John Cassavetes Season

By Robert Chilcott

Following critical and commercial success of the self-financed, self-distributed, Oscar nominated A Woman Under the Influence, John Cassavetes attempted likewise with two subsequent movies, though they did not achieve quite the same reception until after his death.
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Paris, Je t’aime: A Declaration of Love to Cinema

By Louise Hurtel

Paris, Je t'aime is a collective film offering a selection of eighteen stories set up in the city of love (Paris). Directed by twenty renowned filmmakers coming from around the world, including Olivier Assayas, Gurinder Chadha, Sylvain Chomet, Joel and Ethan Coen...

Letter from the Seattle International Film Festival

By John Bradburn

My film screened last night. The audience was very receptive and I had a great Q&A afterwards. We discussed aesthetics in relation to the characterisation, the nature of sound design, and how I managed to make my feature for £2000. Kyle deals with revenge and remorse over two interconnected storylines.