Issue 2 | April 2006


Two Excerpts from a Recent Work: Nausea

By Matthew Noel-Tod

Nausea is a synthesis of text and image that draws inspiration from Impressionism, On Kawara, Barnett Newman and the existential diary of Jean-Paul Sartre from which it adopts its title. The video footage is a journal of observations shot entirely on a mobile phone. Crudely low resolution, it retains a fuzzy warmth and familiarity rather than the cold and impersonal qualities of much digital technology, challenging a 'certain end-point in cinema, wherein we only ever imagine and receive mediated images.'
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Love Is the Devil

By Nancy Harrison

Inspired by Daniel Farson’s book The Gilded Gutter Life of Francis Bacon (and dedicated to Farson) Love is the Devil covers the period of Bacon’s career between 1964 to 1971, centring on the complex and ultimately doomed relationship between the painter and his rough-trade lover George Dyer.

Visionary Landscapes: The Films of Nina Danino

By Althea Greenan

The unseeing eyes and flaying drapery of Bernini’s St. Teresa in the grips of theoria survives as a religious icon because it daringly rendered the visionary’s state rather than the vision of God.

Cannes Film Festival

By Kieron Corless

It’s a dinosaur, a brothel, a decadent PR-led spectacle; it’s a cinematic cornucopia, a finely-tuned barometer, a vital commercial showcase. There are as many strongly-held and polarised opinions about the Cannes film festival as there are ‘festivaliers’, and right now there are more of them than ever.


By Metin Alsanjak

C.R.A.Z.Y. has already been a huge hit with its home audience in Québec, breaking records and selling more copies on DVDs than the biggest Hollywood blockbusters. The French-Canadian film is a gay-themed coming of age story, tracing three decades in the life of Zac...