Issue 23 | February 2009


Long Live Lulu

By James DC

The legendary spectre of Louise Brooks, born over 100 years ago, commands a shimmering, hypnotic hold over 21st century art and pop-culture, still highly influential to the realms of fashion, photography, literature and film. Brooks was born in 1906 and died in 1985. Between that three-quarter of a century she, and her various artistic collaborators, created a modern day icon – a spectacular, multi-faceted myth, which conflated her screen persona with her own irrepressible and often fantastic – and fatalistic – personal life. With her famous bob hairstyle, classical features, prodigious acting talent and fiery intelligence, she embodied the archetypal 1920's flapper; an ethereal Art Deco beauty as well as a lethal, seductive vamp.
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Doing the Right Thing

By Lee Hill

Published in 2007, Naomi Wolf’s book, The End of America: A Letter of Warning to A Young Patriot is, unsurprisingly given the author’s previous work, both polemic and investigation. Since the publication of the bestselling The Beauty Myth in 1991, Wolf has done a great deal to reinvigorate the discussion of women’s issues...

Oggi, Oggi, Oggi

By Rosy Rockets

In the early sixties, sex as a marketing device in film publicity provoked increasing censorship, but Vittoria de Sica’s Ieri, Oggi, Domaini reached us bold and unbowdlerised. At that time, the film industry relied on explicit sexual imagery to reap at the box office, and the popularity of European imports in the UK and US...

The Gang that Can't Shoot Straight

By Brian Robinson | Lucinda Henderson

This year’s Sundance Film Festival, the 25th, opened in the midst of economic gloom and only days before the Presidential inauguration, but Robert Redford remained defiantly upbeat, insisting that “art will always find a way”, and that Sundance had never been about the bottom line anyway.

I Long for Stalin and I Want Good Violence

By Elke De Witt

The indoctrinating power of Soviet propaganda was recalled in three films at this year’s Trieste Film Festival. Predstavlenje (Revue, Sergej Loznica, 2008) was full of large gatherings, people cheering and ploughing the land with great gusto and kitsch stage productions about farmers’ collectives.

What is Animation? Bob Godfrey in Conversation

By Martin Pickles

Well animation is not live action, I think that says it. Anything that is not live action which is actuality but is drawn is animation. And the thing about animation is that there are absolutely no rules. I mean these schools that are springing up all over the place ‘How to Walk’ ‘How to Run’, based on live action.

Ordinary Young Men

By Owen Armstrong

Writing in the Encounter arts journal in December of 1954, Sylvester dismissively categorises an emerging theme and style among a select group of painters known as the Beaux Arts Quartet.

A Long, Hot Summer in a Small Polish Town

By Nancy Harrison

Polish director Andrzej Jakimowski’s second feature Tricks (Sztuczki) tells the story of 6 year old Stefek and his 17 year old sister Elka, during a long, hot summer in a small Polish town.