Issue 27 | September 2009


Observer/Observed: An Interview with Takahiko Iimura

By Damien Sanville

“You are the only one who can never see yourself except as an image.” – Roland Barthes

Since the 1960s, Takahiko Iimura has been a leading figure of Japanese experimental cinema. His films and videos, which deal mainly with issues of identity and semiology, encompass many aspects of the phenomenology of perception in both Western and Eastern cultures.
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Searching for the Heart of Memory

By Nancy Harrison

Spanish Journalist and documentary filmmaker Albert Solé’s early life was one of exile and subterfuge as he and his parents – major figures in the Spanish resistance – moved around Europe in order to evade Franco’s forces.

I Like the FID and the FID Likes Me

By Celluloid Liberation Front

Despite the uncompromising nature of the city, Marseille immediately feels like a familiar place, the way it voluptuously unfolds in all its exaggerated beauty in front of the new visitor is a welcoming experience that words could not convey.

Universal Seduction and Thorny Bosom

By Rosy Rockets

As sweet and decadent as Ferrero Rocher, and melting hot as fondue in a pot, Radley Metzger’s erotica targeted the aspirational Italian audience of the swinging sixties. Like many art house auteurs, Metzger was also a film distributor; this allowed him greater leeway from pitch to publication.

Save our Cinema

By Robert Rusk

A long running campaign to save a historic cinema near the east London birthplace of Alfred Hitchcock is now reaching its final stages. The EMD in Walthamstow is widely regarded as one of London's finest surviving cinemas with a heritage dating back to the earliest days of motion pictures.

Free Cinema Edgware Road

By James Norton

The combination of several great ideas more often than not produces an unholy mess, but in the case of the Free Cinema School at the Serpentine Gallery’s Centre for Possible Studies located in a shop in Porchester Place off Edgware Road in London this summer has resulted in one of the most thrilling films to be created...