By Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez

A complete video work short-listed for last year's Beck's Futures student awards

About the artist

Born 1974 in San Jose, Costa Rica, Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez was educated in Germany. She has been exhibiting her work in solo and group shows since 2000 across Germany and the UK, working in a variety of mediums including installations, sculpture and performance. At the end of June she will participating in Flowers, a group show at the Counter Gallery, London.

About the work

The video begins with us following as part of a crowd – it is dark, there is a techno beat, a blue light flashes and we are immersed, participating in an unknown gathering. Moving forward we see faces illuminated in the crowd. As we reach the source of the light, also the source of our expectation, it slows down and individual faces are revealed in the darkness. Flash has been shown at Videoclub, Brighton, KunstFilmBiennale Köln, Museum Ludwig, Köln, Beck’s Futures film and video, ICA London and CCA Glasgow and Syncopations: British Art Now, Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm.

Statement by the artist

"I want to investigate the movement of bodies in a given environment. I like to create dynamic spaces that use a combination of different props, objects, structures, actors and participants. I want the props that I make to force a very direct relationship with the actors, participants and the audience. I see these props as an active form of furniture that imply a specific function. I often use found materials, most of them came to me as a map of relationships with the outer world. I feel drawn to fragments of things which are set in a very specific context that represents highly constructed ideologies. These fragments speak about lost times and spaces and connect in an intense and almost desperate way with each other."