Issue 6 | December 2006


4th Halloween Short Film Festival

By Philip Ilson

The 4th Halloween Short Film Festival is looming up again in early January, taking place at the ICA and Curzon Soho in Central London. Myself and Kate Taylor started the Festival back in 2004 off the back of regular screenings and live music events that Halloween had been doing at the ICA in the early part of this decade. Halloween itself had started life in 1994 as a short film screening forum; inspired by the underground and anarchic Exploding Cinema back then, where myself and school friend Tim Harding had screened our own low budget video and super 8 efforts, Halloween began in Soho pubs as a rare outlet for short films outside of the then insular festival circuit.
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Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One and Take 2 2 ½

By Robert Chilcott

Symbiopsychotaxiplasm Take One is a unique experiment that deconstructs the acting process and film crew power struggle during the shooting of a screen test of a couple in crisis.

By Brakhage: An Anthology

By Gareth Evans

The visionary words, the manifesto calling, of Stan Brakhage, magus and maker of a moving image utterly removed from the storylined, characterised imperatives of feature form cinema, writing in 1963.

Distant Voices, Still Lives and Journeys of Desire

By Jason Wood

The latest addition to the venerable Bfi Modern Classics series is dedicated to Distant Voices, Still Lives, Terence Davies’ elegiac debut feature. Set in ‘a world before Elvis, and in a Liverpool before the Beatles’...

Shy Bairns Get Nowt!

By Holly Aylett

At AIFE’s conference on the public value of cinema, professionals working to build a thriving film culture in their local communities shared their experience and strategies.