Issue 7 | February 2007


Sundance Film Festival 2007

By Lucinda Henderson, Brian Robinson

The buzz before Sundance 2007 seemed to indicate that the film content was going to be depressing and expectations for sales were low. This was very much in tune with the atmosphere where an unseasonable anti-cyclone squatted over the area a week before the Festival and remained there enveloping Salt Lake City in a yellow brown smog which worsened day by day. But in Park City itself, 3000 feet higher, the sun shone. Huge crowds were out to see some of the 125 dramatic and documentary feature length films chosen from 3,287 submissions or the 71 shorts selected from 4,445.
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Kinda Hot: The Making of Saint Jack in Singapore

By Jason Wood

Kinda Hot tells, for the first time, the extraordinary story behind the making of Saint Jack (1979), the only American film to ever be entirely shot on location in Singapore. An adaptation of Paul Theroux's celebrated novel about pimps and prostitutes in the Lion City...

Man Push Cart

By Peter Fraser

Man Push Cart pursues a minimalist storytelling technique that cinematically clearly manifests the Iranian influences of Iranian-American director Ramin Bahrani in this, his second feature. The title itself is expressive of his film’s pared-down style and the austerity of its central scenario...

7% and Rising: The 2007 Bird's Eye View Film Festival

By Nancy Harrison

Recent studies of the film industries of both the UK and America have thrown up the not wholly unexpected fact that there are few women filmmakers.