Issue 8 | March 2007


Poetry in Motion: Ah! Sunflower

By Gareth Evans

British culture is rarely good at movements, especially avant-garde movements, outriders of the aesthetic future who might find warmth in the close-knit grouping that offers shelter and security to the institutionally homeless visionary, the formal path breaker. Maybe it’s the island spirit that breeds the maverick individualism of any genuinely innovative British enterprise, or maybe it’s been, historically at least, the lack of cafes; Paris has seen rather more -isms than London (now that every other shopfront is trying to offload a Latte, can we expect a foam-flecked tide of new expression? Prêt à dangerous subversions of the creative consensus…?).
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36th International Film Festival Rotterdam 2007

By Ghita Loebenstein

Fresh out of twelve invigorating days at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) I encountered a slap in the face from the wife of a filmmaker. Out dining with friends in London she asked me what I had been doing in Rotterdam.

The Films of Peter Whitehead

By Robert Chilcott

Captured in all its amateur glory, calamity strikes ten minutes in, when, stumbling with nerves, Harry Fanlight is heckled by a loveable idiot who repeats the words “love, love, love”, getting more applause than the act whilst the camera frantically searches for his close up.

Distant Voices, Still Lives: An interview with Terence Davies

By Peter Fraser

From the 16th – 30th April the BFI Southbank will be screening a retrospective of the films of Terence Davies including a digitally restored re-release of his first feature film Distant Voices, Still Lives.