Issue 9 | May 2007


The Brothers Quay: The Short Films 1979 - 2003

By Gareth Evans

Resident in London since studying at the Royal College of Art in the late 1960s, identical American twin brothers Stephen and Timothy Quay are among the most original film-makers in world cinema. It seems no accident that one sounding of their name suggests a point of departure, a threshold and leaping off into the unknown, where what the horizon promises is as forbidding as it is enthralling because, for over thirty years, they have created a body of work visionary in intensity and operating with the sensuous logic of a fever dream.
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Dans Paris

By Rob McCrae

Christophe Honoré discusses working with Romain Duris and Louis GarrelChristophe Honoré is a novelist, playwright, children’s author, and the talented director behind Dans Paris, a new film starring the two French actors of the moment; Romain Duris and Louis Garrel.


By Dan Stewart

Director Bruno Dumont in conversation about his upcoming film Flandres.

Rethinking Animation: the animate! Book

By David Jenkins

Is there any higher form of social acceptance than to have your business card announce that you’re a member of an “animation collective”? That dream is now a reality for the 85 artists who were commissioned to produce work for animate!