Volume 1 – Issue 1 – Spring 1993

This issue of Vertigo is dedicated to the memory of Simon Hartog

Editorial Co-ordinator: Julian Petley

Production Co-ordination
: Luisa Films

Editorial Board: Holly Aylett, Yossi Bal, Michael Chanan, Anne Cottringer, Margaret Dickinson, Sylvia Harvey, Marc Karlin, James Leahy, Julian Petley, Isabelle Tracy

Sub Editor: Deborah Loth

Original Print Design: Kate Hepburn, 4i Ltd

Cover Photo: Dominic Dibbs

A Mission to Explain:
Props & sets: Anya Louize
Props & sets assistant
: Anine Kopperld
Production help
: William Parry
: Robin Wright, Fred Mitchell, Daniel Gale Hayes, Jonathon Collinson, Maggie Kossowitz, Dave Fox, Jost Hunninger, James Leahy, Stewart Tunrbull, Jill Daniels, Ant Sprung, David Glyn, Anthea Kenedy, Ian Whibling, Julian Petley, Margaret Dickinson, John Anderton.

Thanks to Dave Stewart of DVA who published Vertigo’s predecessor Independent Media and to Rod Stoneman whose initiative made this magazine possible.

Thanks to Channel 4 for their financial support.