Subtitled and Silent Films

By Dora Stewart

(age 5)

I have not seen many subtitled films. My favourite films now are Some Like It Hot, Meet Me in St Louis, Singin’ in the Rain, Mark of Zorro, Monkey Business. I like Cinema Paradiso. I could read some of the subtitles. I did not no many Italian words when I saw the film. When I saw the film I only knew Ciao, Si, Ciao bella, No. I could understand the film because of what they were doing. The best part was when he was grown up and he was watching the kisses. He felt sad because Alfredo died. Because he had tears in his eyes. I don’t need to understand the Italian because they didn’t talk much.

When I watch a silent film like Nosferatu the colours help me understand. Night is blue dusk is pink daytime is black and white like the Don Lockwood film. The titles are easier to read because they stay up longer. There are four kinds of titles, telling the story, what they are saying, reading a book, and writing a letter. Max Shreck makes the vampire seem sad.