Volume 1 | Issue 8 | Summer 1998

Volume 1 – Issue 8 – Summer 1998

Editorial Co-ordinator: Marc Karlin

Production manager: Kimberley Cooper

Production: Luisa Films

Editorial Board: Holly Aylett, Yossi Bal, Ben Gibson, Michael Chanan, Anne Cottringer, Chris Darke, Margaret Dickinson, Jane Giles, Sylvia Harvey, Marc Karlin, James Leahy, Julian Petley, William Raban, Amanda Sharp, Sarah Turner

Editorial Advisors: Jull Branston, South Wales; Don Coutts, Glasgow; Sandra Hebron, Manchester; Judith Higgenbotham, South West England; Sarah McCarthy, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne; Martin McClune, Coleraine; Robin Macpherson, Edinburgh; Kevin Rockett, Dublin; Richard Taylor, Belfast

Original Print Design: Kalina Owczarek, Kate Hepburn, 4i Limited T.0171 439 2727

With thanks to: Artificial Eye, BBC Wales, BFI, Illuminations Films, HarperCollins, Helen de Witt, Serpent's Tail, Hermione Harris, 4i Limited, Susan Meiselas.

Cover: From Love is the Devil

Original print edition published with financial assistance from: Channel 4 Television, LFVDA, The Arts Council of England.