Volume 1 | Issue 9 | Summer 1999

Volume 1 – Issue 9 – Summer 1999  

Editorial Co-ordinator:
James Leahy

Production manager: Kimberley Cooper

Production: Luisa Films 

Editorial Board: Holly Aylett, Yossi Bal, Michael Chanan, Anne Cottringer, Chris Darke, Margaret Dickinson, Ben Gibson, Jane Giles, Sylvia Harvey, James Leahy, Julian Petley, William Raban, Amanda Sharp, Sarah Turner

Editorial Advisers: Jill Branston, South Wales; Don Coutts, Glasgow; Sandra Hebron, Manchester; Judith Higginbottom, South West England; Sara McCarthy, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne; Martin McLoone, Coleraine; Robin Macpherson, Edinburgh; Kevin Rockett, Dublin; Richard Taylor, Belfast 

Original Print Design: Kalina Owczarek, 4i Limited (t. 0171 439 4399) with the assistance of Kate Hepburn 

Printed by: Absolute Ink  
With Special Thanks to: Cameron Cooper: for technical support; Monica Henriquez: Luisa Films; Hermione Harris: wife of Marc Karlin; Jonathan Collinson: Luisa Films; Humphrey Trevelyan: Luisa Films; David Curtis: Arts Council of England; Colin Christopher: Arts Council of England; Gary Thomas: Arts Council of England; Amanda Willard: FilmFour; Nigel Fountain: The Guardian; Undine Marshfield: Alliance; Laura Haynes: Artificial Eye; Josic Cadoret: The Lux Centre; Patrick Wright and BBC Radio 3; 4i Limited: without whom Vertigo 9 would have been non-existant

Cover image: Marc Karlin during the shooting of Nightcleaners 

Original print edition published with financial assistance from: 4i Limited, Channel 4 Television, LFDVA, The Arts Council of England