Lux – Lucis – Light / Influx – De Luxe – Luxuriant / Lux Run Out…


The Lux was a perfect antidote to English provincialism. In a city that is supposedly multicultural, one of the few venues that allowed "the others" to find a voice and see daylight is now gone. This is a disaster not only for artists and filmmakers like myself but for the city of London as a whole. For outsiders, one more door that had allowed us to step in and converse is now slammed in our face. – Kutlug Ataman, Filmmaker and visual artist


He has never forgotten what he found then.

He is in the dark and has never forgotten what he found then.

The cold.

The damp.

Imagine a whiff of that?

All manna from heaven.

Then the shouldavists and couldavists. – Andrew Kötting, Filmmaker

Artists and editors working mid-edit were told to leave; colleges and institutions waiting for films from distribution were told to cancel courses; the organisation was told to vacate the building…

By 2pm , the shutter was down and a locksmith had been called. – Ian White, former curator of the Lux Cinema

The closing of the Lux is like losing a national treasure.

For all its problems it represented the most important aspect of film-making in this country, which has also disappeared: Innovation! – Isaac Julien, Filmmaker


Rented many films and saw great videos

Met interesting artists and made friends

In Hoxton LUX became a luxury

It seems

What a pity! – Arjon Dunnewind, Director Impakt Festival, Utrecht

May the sharks eat glass. Very best wishes to all new beginnings - there's no end to us! – Lis Rhodes, Filmmaker

If it were a national orchestra would it have been allowed to go so silently? – Dick Arnall, Filmmaker

The LUX demonstrated the transformative and creative potential of the moving image. Through exhibition, distribution, production and education. In our stagnant, fragmented times, I doubt we will see the like again. – Helen DeWitt, former Cinema Curator of the Lux