Mapping Perception: In Hindsight a Reflection

By Andrew K├Âtting


A reflection and contemplation on a piece of film work

Again to the assimilation, the collation and then the regurgitation : 

Offering this as a semblance of back story, garnered from the autobiography. The work as therapy.
We took my daughter’s life Eden, from conception, 15 years ago, (a veritable cupid’s gymnasium) and attempted a reconficuration of all those moments captured.
(Recorded using : Super 8, Hi 8, Super VHS, Lomo, Olympus trip, Mini DV and DAT)
This is invariably what happens when I try to write about it.

But nevertheless :
However there is a scientific rigour breathing over my shoulder.
A voice that had been conditioned by more than just an empirical truth.
A doctor. Mark : “Where was the beginning, where was the middle and when would it end?”
We dug like archaeologists in search of the spink.
We trawled the archives to stick to a point.
Eden the glue for the disparity.
The edit suite a room at Tall Stories, a G4 500 and Final Cut Pro.
It smells like a slipper in here.
Then to the familiar insecurities.
Not against interpretation but never happy with the singularity of a reading. An out to lunch avant garde collage?
Better the once upon a time technique.
Edit decisions cajole for our attention. Mark now privy to the process. If it fits leave it and a meaning might come along later. If not we’ll make up a bit that fit.
See, stuff of nonsense but it keeps spilling out of my head.
His teacher complains that he is backwards.
Eden will act as the presenter and performer, (the mistress of ceremonies).
We distill the pictorial contents of her life looking for an image of what it is like.
Choice as the great eliminator.
It will all find its own place in the film.
The past with the present and now possibly her reflections upon a future :
Never seen properly.
This our experiment was not about knowing beforehand, moreover the enquiry, (as in his lab), was about testing the hypothesis.
Eden as our supposition, starting point and catalyst.
A subjective transformation of my everyday.   

The shouldavists and the couldavists

they live both inside and outside of the house.

A search for the alchemical via the magical.
Trial and errorladen .
The manipulation of the sound.
The possibilities of the cut up.
The sample. The repetition.
The sample. The repetition.
This a formula, but not for Success.
A sculptural editing : the not knowing where the knowing has come from. The flash of insight so comforting.
We are back to Eden again.
Eden and her mind as landscape.
She lies still in front of us:
(Benji Miing, Dudley Sutton, Mark Lythgoe and Me).
We take Rembrandt van Rijn’s The Anatomy Lesson of Professor Nicholas Tulp as locus and focus.
It’s the backdrop for our re enactment. A testament to her spectacular body and our confused conundrum. We try to make sense of all that is her cognition.
A world re presented through her eyes.
We look towards Timesgone for the epiphany.
We are impressed by the seventeenth century.
The separation of the disciplines dilemma seemed barely to exist.
So we move forwards, now approaching a full stop.
The stories that she continues to tell me:
Scientific process is not that dissimilar to the artistic one.
All fiddle and jiggery polery.  

So there you have it, there is lipstick on the pig.  

“No need to elaborate works, merely say something that can be murmured in the ear of a drunkard or dying man.” Emile Cioran

There follows re arranged moments from the film transcription
The disembodied voices offer this : (still evading the imposition of a finite meaning.)


There is no accident just as there is no beginning and no end.
New born babies over half a million a year another life beginning another chance another start.
Failure to progress
Foetal distress
Emergency caesarean section
Resuscitation and mucous extraction
Mum and dad visited aware of baby’s condition.
Seen by neurologist
Slight grasp hjgh pitched weak cry
Visual problems, jerky eye movements or dancing eyes.
Almost a nystagmus no head control global problems insults across the board
She is floppy and generally delayed.
Some investigations have been arranged for baby, we will see her again in one year.
Your brain.
He’s touching me. He’s touching me. Touching.
Apparently it’s not all fun to be born,
and it doesn’t exactly look like a human being yet, although it has a heart that beats.
Tubor cellarium : Dimwit
Ventral anterior and lateral nuclei of the thalamus : Ignoramus
Wernekes area : Feeble stock
Spinal nucleus of the tri geminal complex : Backwards
White matter
Eden has Joubert Syndrome of cerebellar vermis hypoplasia, ventilation rhythm problems and several neurological complications. General Delay but no clear decision yet about her intellectual function has been made although we assume it is better than is at present obvious.
Accurate assessment is maybe difficult at the start but is very important so that child’s parents are not encourage to aim too high.
But theses are only little humans and they don’t stay that way, they grow all the time.
In the frontal lobes are located the motor areas controlling movements of the body and above all the organs of speech.
These centres perform the primary functions of the brain; perception and the control of acts or behaviour.
At the base of the scull lies the cerebellum. The cerebellum assists the cerebrum in coordinating complex muscular activities such as this: but the cerebellum does not originate the impulses that direct our muscular behaviour it simply transmits impulses that originate in other parts of the nervous system, particularly in the Joubert’s child the cerebellum is still underdeveloped.
Visual stimuli are received in the occipital lobes.
Eden :  Occipital lobe
Sound stimuli are received in the temporal lobels
Eden : Temporal lobe
Taste stimuli are received in the parietal lobels
Touch stimuli also go to these lobes.
Principal sensory nucleus of the trigeminal complex.
Perception is an intermediary step in information processing between sensation and cognition.
Eden : I am the result of a genetic incompatibility between my parents ; Papa seen here spinning as a state of the art image technique and Mummy, seen here in the bath.


Science is the systematic classification of experience.
This is not science.
Perception is an intermediate step in information processing between sensation and cognition.
They have no imagination, they cannot create and invent and therefore they do not think in any real sense.
Eden : Here I am locked into the castle of my senses: seeing, listening, smelling, touching, tasting.
We do not expect that she will ever be able to walk independently but we aim to maintain her present mobility and hope to produce some improvement in her sitting and standing postures.
It’s a personal problem and that means it’s a problem for society.

And this is not the end but only the barest beginning.
It would perhaps be more accurate to say this is the beginning.


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