From Scene 10 of Stone, Time, Touch by Gariné Torossian

By Arsinée Khanjian

“I had never been there, believe it or not; there was absolutely no one on that day. It was a grey and cold day. I was again told that, you know, it’s very impressive when you walk in there. Something happens to you. I assumed that after having gone through so much material dealing with genocides that I would be not that emotionally surprised. But the moment I saw the fire, something broke off in me and I was just in tears and... thinking that actually there is never, ever, a way to remember well enough these events and that history will never be able to properly relay what they really mean. Those are all efforts of remembering and the true remembrance remains in what we feel.

This is the crack between the two Armenias. It’s quite a strange space, because you can only stand there by yourself in this very tight corner, but it is very high so, if you need room, if you need a sense of continuity, you have to look up towards the sky. It’s interminable in that sense.

Of course, because it was in the winter the stone, the marble was incredibly cold. I don’t remember feeling anything specific when I was in that space. Is it because I was so much at a loss? Is it because I was so much in pain having just seen the memorial, the eternal fire? Was I taken over by the sense of eternity and therefore I’m not in my real time? And yet the picture seems to be a very charged emotional instance.”