Animation: Laden Angels

By Joseph Pierce, Chris Gooch and Simon Deshon


1st year Animation students are put through an extensive series of workshops throughout the year, designed to fine tune techniques, develop storytelling skills and form strong working relationships with students from other disciplines.


Asked, to produce a storyboard for a 1-2min animation, students began work with writers using the nursery rhyme ‘Jack and Jill’ as a stimulus. From these partnerships spawned wildly different and bizarre scenarios. The nursery rhyme ‘Jack and Jill’ covers the main elements for a basic narrative: two characters, a point of action and, a journey. How each student chose to interpret this varied massively.

In Chris Gooch’s narrative Jack is now a sadistic butcher and Jill, a Pig’s Head. Instead of Jack ‘breaking his crown’ Joseph Pierce chose the birth of a child via the male of a conjoined twin.


Simon Deshon’s tale of mortality and old age substitutes the hill for a ladder to heaven which Jack and wife Jill dutifully ascend.

The project follows the school ethos to subvert, corrupt and turn on their head what we perceive to be mainstream conventions.

Next it was over to the editing department where the Animation and Editing students reshuffled and deconstructed the shot set ups and order. The end product was an Animatic (a filmed storyboard, timed out in sequence) and presentation storyboard used to pitch ideas to any potential clients.