Still Life Still

By Tereza Stehlíková

Without or almost without motion or sound or both…
In painting, representation of inanimate things; deep silence…
An ordinary photograph, as distinct from a motion picture… Grow calm… 


Extract essence…

Expanded organ (usually green) of plant…

One of the limbs or organs by which the flight of a bird, bat, insect, angel is effected…

Rib of insect’s wing or of leaf


Decay comes first, what’s left is
a beautifully faultless framework,
preserved for the future.


Autumnal lead contains
high amount of minerals
and so becomes atrophied,
its veins stop functioning,
do not feed the tissue,
Autumnal lead in its skeletal form
becomes immortal,


A butterfly consumes all it will ever eat
while a caterpillar.
Once a butterfly it hardly ever eats.
Like a ghost. The final perfect image. Imago


Inside a collector’s box.
Its body preserved forever
in the moment of its death,
just like a leaf of autumn.
It keeps for hundreds of years.


A moment captured.
A fragment.
Life still.

These are notes and extracts from an ongoing project, which is inspired by the extinction of various butterfly species in Britain.

The project is a sort of meditation (in words, images, and film) on the idea of time: what disappears, and what can be preserved.

Through my work I attempt to look beyond the surface of things, trying to rediscover their essence, which is the meaning behind the outer form. I believe that in their essence all things are timeless.

Tereza Stehlíková