The Corn and the Devil

By Tibor Banoczki and Anna Higgs


Outline Treatment

Daniel (7) is standing in pyjamas at the road by the side of his house, looking across at the corn. He clutches a ragged hippo stuffed toy in the crook of his arm. Cars speed past. He is afraid and crosses gingerly. He’s not supposed to on his own.

In the distance a light flickers. It is the car light going on and off – first as Clara enters Jay’s car, then as the two tussle for darkness or light. The kiss and tease each other. Daniel doesn’t see it and is searching for his sister through the field. The world of corn is enchanting and petrifying to the small child. He stumbles and explores, magical and surreal moments at every turn.

The hippopotamus ploughs into the field, eyes blazing, feet pounding the ground below him, snatches of violent action. The field starts to become muddy, the ground undulating beneath the huge presence of the hippo, the corn starting to move like a sea once again. The hippo seems to grow disproportionately and opens its mouth around the car where Jay and Clara are having sex, swallowing it hole behind its huge and horrifying teeth.

Daniel nearly faints from fright as a hand settles on his shoulder and he turns to see Clara – dishevelled and smiling. They both look out with wonder at the field. Daniel shaken by the power of his dream, Clara taken with the destruction of this special place that is hers now only in memory. The field is stripped bare.