Volume 3 - Issue 2 - On the Edge of the Encounter

By Vertigo

house-ben-rivers.jpgHouse, 2005-07

Confrontations with new media

For the first time in its history Vertigo has produced an issue that that has not been put onto paper, but has been produced as an electronic edition, on CD and online. This will be the first of the new quarterly Vertigo's annual electronic issues, which will go on sale every summer. The key additional feature in using this new format is that we can actually show some of the moving image work that we are engaging with. We also don't have space constraints on how long each article is – they are simply at the length at which we think they work best. We have recordings of discussions from Vertigo's recent events – a collaboration with Cahiers du cinema that we are now able to bring to a much wider audience. You will also have a chance try out new film criticism software 'Reframe', which allows clips from any DVD you have in your possession to be played alongside text or audio commentary - allowing critics, educators and anyone else who has an interest in closely commenting on a DVD to illustrate and pass on their understanding of the work to other people. The software is showcased in this issue using the new Cinema 16 American Short Films DVD.

The theme of the issue has also been inspired by this new version of Vertigo. On an abstract level, all media in some way is a encounter or confrontation between the viewer and another medium, another story and another perspective. Within the works featured in the magazine there is a less abstract critical perspective – confrontation of ideologies; of the historical and political; of gender, culture, identity; of time, space and movement.

‘Confrontations’ is also a tongue-in-cheek gesture to the experimental nature of what we've done with this issue. You will be confronted with a magazine without any physical pages – just a circular piece of plastic with a hole in the middle, and the explanation above to say what it’s all about.