Super Kagao Brothers

By Kagami Shinohara

Super Kagao Brothers, 2006

About the Work

This animation is a parody of the well-known Nintendo console game “Super Mario Brothers”. The main character, Mario is replaced by Kagao, who is very weak, vulnerable and easily killed in the game. However, Kagao is prepared to stand at the start-line again, ready to fight. The piece represents the artist’s everyday life, as well as a way of seeing the process of how people overcome hurdles and trials in general. This animation was produced while the artist was working on the final degree show installation at Central Saint Martin’s College, before much of the installation was complete. The artist believes that this work is full of the energy of that time and that this is one of the important and inspirational elements in the animation.

About the artist

Kagami Shinohara was born in 1981 in Nagano, Japan. She studied Fine Art at Central St Martins, London. The final degree show that featured this work took place in June 2006 at the college, and was part of a larger installation by the artist.