Iceland: Gold Diggers (No Such Thing Remix) 4:07

By Sophie Mayer and Lady Vervaine

It is so cold that speech is impossible. The landscape breathes words of ice and fire. With picks and maps, we go looking. See signs. Here Be Monsters. Geysers. Glaciers. Volcanoes. Cinemas.

Here, cinema speaks in signs: each can be mined for meaning. The landscape is impossible. With fire and ice, it writes and erases the story. Speaks cinema. Here be angles, edges, frames.

Teeth chattering, we approach these films. Read them in the Northern Lights. Cinema as natural phenomenon. What’s there is elemental: myth, riddle, rune. Score the images on bone. These films are both riddle poems, strange songs sung in dreams. They escape on the breath when you awake, forming clouds. Iceland is a riddle. Cinema is the answer.

Mixed by Sophie Mayer & Lady Vervaine
Subtitles copyright Gold Diggers