Work in Progress

By Samantha Rebello


“A well fed body and delicate complexion are but a tunic of worms and fire. The body is vile, stinking and withered. The pleasure of the flesh is by nature poisoned and corrupt.” – Helinand of Froimont


“The word ‘body’, its danger, how easily it gives one the illusory impression of being outside of meaning already, free from the contamination of consciousness-unconsciousness. Insidious return of the natural, of Nature. The body does not belong; it is mortal immortal; it is unreal, imaginary, fragmentary. Patient. In its patientness the body is thought already – still just thought.” – Maurice Blanchot, The Writing of the Disaster


These fragments, as yet unassembled, are the starting point for a film. Samantha Rebello is a London based artist working in sound and moving image. Pages designed with the assistance of Paul Abbott.