Close Up

5 - 19 May 2009: Essential Cinema IX


Federico Fellini
1968 | 124 min | Colour | Digital  

Set in Imperial Rome, Satyricon is loosely based on Gaius Petronius' series of satires written during emperor Nero's reign. A truly sophisticated film spectacle by perhaps the greatest of all film artists, this masterpiece by Fellini is a fabulous trip into the decadence of Roman civilization.  

Tropical Malady
Apichatpong Weerasethakul
2004 | 114 min | Colour | Digital  

Apichatpong's visionary film exists in dual realms, exploring connected themes of love and desire in a radically different way. A fractured love story is interrupted by a feverish nighttime odyssey into the heart of the jungle where shape-shifting spirits and tigers abound. The conscious and the subconscious, the modern and the ancient, reality and myth; all become magically entwined in this hypnotic, mysterious drama from one of the most singular filmmakers in the world.  

Akira Kurosawa
1990 | 119 min | Colour | Digital  

Dreams is based on actual dreams of the film's director Akira Kurosawa at different stages of his life. Comprised of eight episodes the narrative allows us rare insight into the director's mind, and explores such topics as the cost of war, the perils of nuclear power, and humanity's need to harmonize with nature.