15 August - 3 September 2018: Close-Up on Éric Rohmer

The most sublime, articulate, guarded and grounded filmmaker of the nouvelle vague, Eric Rohmer was also a key figure in French film culture in the 1950s and 1960s both as an editor of Cahiers du Cinéma and as a seminal auteurist critic. This programme presents fifteen films from the the filmmaker's extensive oeuvre.
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Showing This Weekend

19 August 2018: Love in the Afternoon

19 August 2018: Love in the Afternoon

Though happily married to his adoring wife Hélène, with whom he is expecting a second child, the thoroughly bourgeois business executive Frédéric cannot banish from his mind the multitude of attractive Parisian women who pass him by every day. The luminous final chapter to Rohmer’s "Moral Tales" is a tender, sobering, and wholly adult affair that leads to perhaps the most overwhelmingly emotional moment in the entire series.
19 August 2018: Cléo from 5 to 7

19 August 2018: Cléo from 5 to 7

Agnès Varda’s skilfully captures Paris at the height of the 60s in this intriguing tale expertly presented in real time about a singer whose life is in turmoil as she awaits a test result from a biopsy. As Cléo readies herself to meet with her doctor she meets several friends and strangers, and grapples with her idea of her own mortality.

Showing Next Week

Monday 20 August: A Summer's Tale

Monday 20 August: A Summer's Tale

The third film in Rohmer’s sublime Four Seasons cycle reunites the veteran auteur with Amanda Langlet, the sun-kissed teen heroine of Pauline at the Beach, for another beguiling, beachside tale of jeune amour.
Tuesday 21 August: The Marquise of O

Tuesday 21 August: The Marquise of O

Rohmer followed the great successes of his “Six Moral Tales” with a marked departure from his playful studies of shifting ethical codes in contemporary France by adapting an 1808 novella by Heinrich von Kleist. Like the novella, the film begins with the publication of a remarkable newspaper advertisement, signed by the Marquise of the title, in which she reveals that she is pregnant and desirous of the man responsible to reveal himself.
Wednesday 22 August: Perceval le Gallois

Wednesday 22 August: Perceval le Gallois

Rohmer adapts Chrétien de Troyes’ mediaeval epic poem about the eponymous Arthurian knight and his quest for the Holy Grail. An astonishing departure in style from one of French cinema’s great naturalists, the film is staged and shot as if Rohmer wanted to recapture the medieval viewing experience.
Friday 24 August: Le bonheur

Friday 24 August: Le bonheur

In one of Agnès Varda’s more provocative films, she presents us with the dilemma faced by husband and father Francois (Jean-Claude Drouot) who finds himself falling in love with an attractive postal worker. What follows is a detailed study of adult fidelity and happiness, which will ultimately end with major repercussions for all parties involved.
Saturday 25 August: One Sings, the Other Doesn't

Saturday 25 August: One Sings, the Other Doesn't

Agnès Varda focuses on the intertwined lives of two women brought together during the struggle of the women’s movement in 1970s France. This subject that remains all too familiar with Varda who was personally involved with the movement.
Sunday 26 August: The Aviator's Wife

Sunday 26 August: The Aviator's Wife

The first of Rohmer’s “Comedies and Proverbs” follows the proverb “It is impossible to think of nothing,” the wisdom of which is tested by two couples who dedicate themselves to analyzing, and overanalyzing, their own situations and relationships. The film revolves around several episodes of miscommunications and misunderstandings between a young woman and her slightly younger lover after he catches her former boyfriend leaving her apartment early one morning.
Sunday 26 August: Vagabond

Sunday 26 August: Vagabond

Sandrine Bonnaire won the Best Actress César for her portrayal of the defiant young drifter Mona, found frozen to death in a ditch at the beginning of Vagabond. Agnès Varda pieces together Mona’s story through flashbacks told by those who encountered her, producing a splintered portrait of an enigmatic woman.


Mon 20 Aug 7:30pm
A Summer's Tale
Tue 21 Aug 8:00pm
The Marquise of O
Wed 22 Aug 7:30pm
Perceval le Gallois
Fri 24 Aug 7:30pm
Le bonheur
Sat 25 Aug 7:30pm
One Sings, the Other Doesn't
Sun 26 Aug 6:00pm
The Aviator's Wife
Sun 26 Aug 8:30pm
Mon 27 Aug 7:30pm
A Good Marriage
Wed 29 Aug 7:30pm
Pauline at the Beach
Thu 30 Aug 7:30pm
Full Moon in Paris
Fri 31 Aug 7:30pm
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
Sat 01 Sep 6:00pm
The Gleaners and I
Sat 01 Sep 8:00pm
The Green Ray
Sun 02 Sep 6:00pm
The Beaches of Agnès
Sun 02 Sep 8:30pm
Jacquot de Nantes
Mon 03 Sep 7:30pm
An Autumn Tale