24 August 2019: Figures of Absence: The Films of Dore O.

We're thrilled to present a rare programme of experimental films by the German artist Dore O. which occupy a state in-between opaqueness and translucency, hypnosis and clarity. The programme has been selected by Berlin-based archivist and scholar Masha Matzke, who will also introduce the screening. Supported by Goethe-Institut London.
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21 September 2019: JAEFF: Nation

21 September 2019: JAEFF: Nation

JAEFF: Nation examines national identity, cultural memory and perceptions of history through a programme of repertory cinema and contemporary experimental short film. Fierce satires and poetic meditations on existence from the post-war period are interwoven with expressive and intimate reflections on ‘being’ in present-day Japan.


Wed 21 Aug 8:15pm
The Marriage of Maria Braun
Thu 22 Aug 8:15pm
Fri 23 Aug 8:15pm
Apur Sansar
Sun 25 Aug 6:00pm