22 August 2017: Ceddo

Banned in Senegal on an absurd technicality, Ceddo, Sembene’s most ambitious film, uses the story of a beautiful princess’s kidnapping to examine the confrontation between opposing cultural forces: Muslim expansion, Christianity, and the slave trade.
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23 August 2017: Black Girl + Borom Sarret

23 August 2017: Black Girl + Borom Sarret

The first work by a sub-Saharan black director to have been seen outside the continent, Black Girl represents the essential first step in Sembene’s self-described project to counter the “neocolonialism [that] is passed on culturally through the cinema.”
24 August 2017: Faat-Kiné

24 August 2017: Faat-Kiné

Faat-Kiné, the manager of a sparkling new gas station, drives an elegant car, lunches with fashionably dressed friends, and worries about her children passing their high school finals. But Sembene contextualizes his heroine’s thoroughly modern triumphs and anxieties within the complex culture and politics of Dakar.
25 August 2017: Xala

25 August 2017: Xala

Zeroing in on the myth of African independence and on the capitulation to white colonial policies by newly empowered black African leaders, this savage and funny satire deals with a self-satisfied, half-Westernized black businessman who is suddenly struck down by the xala: a curse that renders its victim impotent.
26 August 2017: Sembene!

26 August 2017: Sembene!

Sembene!, tells the unbelievable true story of the “father of African cinema,” the self-taught novelist and filmmaker who fought, against enormous odds, a monumental, 50-year-long battle to give African stories to Africans. Sembene! is told through the experiences of the man who knew him best, colleague and biographer Samba Gadjigo.
27 August 2017: Moolaadé

27 August 2017: Moolaadé

Sembene’s last film delivers an open attack on the tradition of female circumcision still practiced in Muslim and Christian communities in East and West Africa. A wonderful testament to Sembene’s belief in the cinema as the most effective means of social change in Africa.

Showing Next Week

30 - 31 August 2017: Peter Hutton's Haikus

30 - 31 August 2017: Peter Hutton's Haikus

Close-Up and Rattis Books pay tribute to the visionary artist Peter Hutton, one year on from his passing. This two-night programme focuses on a cross-section the filmmaker’s intimate and lush portraits of urban, rural and marine environments. We’re pleased to welcome Ed Halter to introduce the programme.
3 - 24 September 2017: Close-Up on Ruth Beckermann

3 - 24 September 2017: Close-Up on Ruth Beckermann

Close-Up presents the first UK retrospective on the films of Ruth Beckermann, curated and introduced by Colm McAuliffe. Born in Vienna in 1952, Beckermann has been creating essay films and documentaries for 40 years and is well known internationally as one of Austria’s most courageous and spirited filmmakers. This programme explores the work of a director equally suspicious of closed narrative forms and linear views of history and memory.
3 September 2017: Missing Images

3 September 2017: Missing Images

Three films by Ruth Beckermann, who as a member of an independent video collective, took part in the highly symbolic struggle for the autonomous cultural centre Arena. Her first film, Arena Squatted is the document of a utopia and its end, but it is also an attempt to make the cinematic politically useful.
3 September 2017: East of War

3 September 2017: East of War

White-tile rooms, neon lighting; on the walls black and white photographs from the exhibition entitled War of Extermination documenting the atrocities committed by the Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front. Against this backdrop, Ruth Beckermann and cameraman Peter Roehsler have filmed former soldiers talking about their experiences beyond the bounds of "normal" warfare.

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5 September 2017: Non-linear: Magnets

5 September 2017: Non-linear: Magnets

Magnets addresses different identities in production specifically in relation to others around us. Many of the works take physical props and real-time situations as their points of focus; and we watch how these enhance dynamics of attraction, contradiction and confluence. Featuring works by Victoria Sin, Rachel Reupke, Charles Lofton and more. Curated by Shama Khanna for warehouse.
7 September - 26 October 2017: The Incredible Simultaneity Console

7 September - 26 October 2017: The Incredible Simultaneity Console

Gordon Shrigley presents  a season of twenty-eight artists’ film and videos to celebrate ten years of the artists-run DVD publication project Filmarmalade.
30 September 2017: Narrativize

30 September 2017: Narrativize

Unconscious Archives presents an evening of live film, digital art and performative actions exploring de/construction of narrative. Featuring Against Cinema by James Holcombe & Secluded Bronte30/09/2017 Close-Up Cinema, London by Esperanza ColladoOwed to Bussa by Foxy Moron, and abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz by Jörg Piringer. The artists will be present for Q&As following the screening.


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Black Girl + Borom Sarret
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Time and Tide
Thu 31 Aug 7:30pm
Sun 03 Sep 5:00pm
Missing Images
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East of War
Tue 05 Sep 7:30pm
Non-Linear: Magnets
Sun 10 Sep 6:00pm
Return to Vienna
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Paper Bridge
Mon 11 Sep 7:30pm
Towards Jerusalem
Sun 17 Sep 8:00pm
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Zorro’s Bar Mitzwa
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American Passages
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Those Who Go Those Who Stay
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The Dreamed Ones
Sat 30 Sep 7:00pm