Close-Up Library Reopening


Dear Members and Friends,

It has been a real pleasure to see our members returning at Close-Up! It was very exciting to be able to talk about films and cinema culture again as Close-Up begins its slow journey to recovery. It is so heartening to see some familiar and new faces and we hope to welcome more of you as we all adjust to these extraordinary times.

As a reminder Close-Up's Library is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 12pm and 6pm. We hope to welcome you again this weekend and will keep you updated when we see fit to reopen other days in the week.

We are also delighted to announce that our friends at MUBI are offering all our members 3 months free streaming on their platform as part of all our memberships! So If you’re not already a member of Close-Up, please do consider subscribing to one of our memberships as it is the most effective way of supporting us.

After carefully assessing the situation in regards to the reopening of cinemas on the 4th of July, we have come to the conclusion that we will not reopen our cinema before September. We will closely monitor how things are developing until then and will reassess at the beginning of September whether or not it is feasible to reopen our cinema  and resume our programmes. We will keep you updated as we go with any further developments.

Venue Hire
Our cinema is available to hire on a private basis but in a limited capacity according to Government's Guidance for cinemas reopening. For more information or any enquiries, please email us at

We wanted to thank you all again for your continued support in these uncertain times, without which Close-Up may not have been able to re-open at all.

With our best wishes,
The Close-Up team

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