Close Up

24 November 2009: Histories of the Avant-Garde Part II

Close-Up and The Dog Movement present a rare chance to see a large group of Guy Sherwin's interconnected 3 minute films as well as the wonderfully subtle expanded cinema performance of Man With Mirror followed by a Q&A with the artist.

Short Film Series
Guy Sherwin
1975-1998 | 3 min each | B/W | 16mm

This ongoing and incredibly diverse series examines themes of Landscape, Auto-Biography, Portraiture and act as exquisite, controlled studies of light as well as demonstrations of a wide range of filming techniques. The films are often hand printed which allows the artist to have full control over the contrast, textures and light levels in each film. An enduring concern with the subtle relationship between two fundamental elements of film, time and light underlies his work and Sherwin brings his subject matter into conjunction with a particular filming procedure and allows them to feed off each other with a beautiful playfulness and formal rigour.

"100 reels of epiphanies, time-lapse studies, ordinary objects and scenes rendered strange and ambiguous." – Michael O' Pray

Man with Mirror
Guy Sherwin
10 min | Colour | S-8mm

The filmmaker's live interaction with his on-screen image which is projected onto a hand-held mirrored screen. The screen is white one side and mirrored the other, and is used by the performer to either "catch" the projected image, or reflect it around the cinema space. The image on film is of the same activity happening in a sunlit landscape. Visual echoes are set up between the live event and the recorded one.

View a documentation of the performance here