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8 December 2009: Magdalena Bažantová: I Am 30 and Life Is Shit

Magdalena Bažantová
2008 | 8 min | Colour | Digital

"Acclaimed scribble love story filled with mad chases, unexpected plot twists and wild…pyrotechnics… gripping action, stunning cinematography, black humour and stocking violence. But mainly on friendship between childish humour and adult misery." – M.B.

I Am 30 and Life Is Shit
Magdalena Bažantová
2009 | 11 min | Colour | Digital

"Sometimes the heroine dies in the first scene, but has to perform for the rest of the movie anyway, despite the fact, that her energy isn't always flowing freely, healthily and naturally." – M.B.

Snow Queen
Magdalena Bažantová
2009 | 13 min | Colour | Digital

"…The tale begins with the shattering of a magical mirror, its pieces spreading over the world. When a shard enters a person's eye, they only see the negative aspects of things. When it enters someone's heart, it turns to ice. The symptoms of depression are eerily similar, including irritability, negative thoughts and perhaps even worse, numbness…" – M.B.

This Film B
Magdalena Bažantová
2009 | 10 min | Colour | Digital

"Changing identity is easier, than facing the spectres you might have created, especially if you can't run very fast and it makes the movie shorter." – M.B.

Mind Your Own Business aka Sandokan
Magdalena Bažantová
2009 | 6 min | Colour | Digital

Superhero: I found this in front of your house.
UFO: That's not mine.
Superhero: Can I keep it?
UFO: Yes.
UFO's mother: Will you have a piece of cake?
Superhero: Well... I have to go.

Magdalena Bažantová
2009 | 9 min | Colour | Digital

"This is a bubble base in the Universe, but it is abandoned now. We are at home." – M.B.

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