Close Up

30 March 2010: More or Less Annihilated by Saccadic Enchainment by the Sea

Close-Up presents a programme of Irish experimental cinema curated by Esperanza Collado.

Samuel Beckett, Alan Schneider
1964 | 17 mins | B/W | 16mm

A man carefully blots out all external reality. A philosophical principle prevails – George Berkeley's Esse est percipi – while the Film contains elements of comedy.

Joe Comerford
1965 | 10 mins | B/W | Digital

An elliptical narrative with an injection of perverted Irish humour.

Un Peu Moins
Donal O'Ceilleachair, Konstantin Bojanov
2006 | 6 mins | B/W and Colour | DV

Somewhere between innocence and eroticism, between geography and stasis.

She Had her Gun All Ready
Vivienne Dick
1978 | 22 mins | Colour | 16mm

This Film noir/melodrama set in the Lower East Side is a study of women's anger and hatred of women at the crucial moment of overpowering identification and obsessional thraldom.

Saint Francis Didn't Run Numbers
Christopher O'Neill
2009 | 4 mins | Colour | Digital

"Excavates new and surprising spaces from a famous American film of the '70s, abstracting a silent, hidden universe from the bustle of narrativity." – Maximilian Le Cain

Sister Mary or Mary The Junkie
Christopher O'Neill
2010 | 2 mins | Colour | Digital

One figure is seen in three distinctive images, which have been manipulated and isolated to illustrate a different meaning to its original source material.

After & Before
Barry Ronan
2009 | 2 mins | Colour | Digital

Superimposition of landscapes shot as an expressionistic canvas with Brakhagean reminiscences.

Making a Home
Maximilian Le Cain
2007 | 10 mins | B/W & Colour | Digital

A "thinking space" full of possible discoveries dwelling for and from internal desires using the mystery implied by the given architectural space, which fails.

From the Sea
Alan Lambert
2000 | Variable duration | Colour | 35mm

A strip of corroded 35mm Film found washed up on a beach in Valencia, Spain, in 1996.