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6 - 27 April 2010: Under/Over


This season of films have been curated in conjunction with the Artist's collective Transidency, whose latest show entitled Under/Over runs at the Fold Gallery during April 2010.  The programme aims to complement the themes investigated in Under/Over, as well as to draw out the comparisons between the films themselves which collectively act as a body of enquiry into those same themes which include self & enforced mythologizing, ridiculous labour, over work/under work and the in-between, an ongoing investigation into the deceptive quality of the Earth's iconography and the spaces of war.

Andrew Kötting
1990 | 10 min | Colour | 16mm

Artist and filmmaker Andrew Kötting part home movie/part diary featuring his friends and family's exploits in their home in the French Pyrénées. Kötting sites this as being an early example of a use of "soundscaping" though cut ups and bricolage to create "implied narratives", later investigated to a greater extent in his acclaimed feature film Gallivant.

The Moon and Sledgehammer
Philip Trevelyan
1971 | 65 min | Colour | Digital

The Moon and the Sledgehammer is a film about real people: Mr Page; his two sons, Jim and Peter; his two daughters, Kathy and Nancy. Mrs Page died long ago. Their ramshackle house is situated in six acres of woodland, which they own themselves, in the heart of the commuter-belt, 20 miles south of London. The trees cut the Pages off completely from the outside world, and isolated in their island clearing, they let the 20th Century slowly pass them by. As the film unfolds each member of the family spells out their personal fantasies and philosophies to the camera. For all their prodigious skills, they seem at first eccentric, quaint; their ideas tangential to our own. But in the end it emerges that they are in control of their world in a way that we can never be in control of ours.

Andrew Kötting
1995 | 5 min | Colour | 16mm

Andrew Kötting’s "psychogeographical" experiment conducted along the highways, byways and waterways of the River Thames. From Southend-on-Sea to the Houses of Parliament, Kötting's "Road Movie" of sorts see this stretch of this our fair isle though the eyes of those who work and inhabit it, but ultimately though the eyes of Kötting himself.

The London Perambulator
John Rogers
2009 | 45 min | Colour | Digital
Followed by a discussion with John Rogers and Nick Papadimitriou 

Leading London writers and cultural commentators Will Self, Iain Sinclair and Russell Brand explore the importance of the liminal spaces at the city's fringe, it's Edgelands, through the work of enigmatic and downright eccentric writer and researcher Nick Papadimitriou – a man whose life is dedicated to exploring and archiving areas beyond the permitted territories of the high street, the retail park, the suburban walkways.

Bas Jan Ader Film and Video Works
Fall 1 (1 min)
Fall 2 (1 min)
I'm Too Sad To Tell You (3'34 min)
Broken Fall (Geometric) (1'49 min)
Broken Fall (Organic) (1'44 min)
Nightfall (4 min)

Here Is Always Somewhere Else – The Disappearance of Bas Jan Ader
Rene Daalder
2008 | 78 min | Colour | Digital

Critically acclaimed documentary about enigmatic Dutch/Californian artist Bas Jan Ader (1942-1975), whose daring conceptual performances culminated in his mysterious disappearance at sea. As recounted through the eyes of fellow emigrant Rene Daalder, Ader's story becomes a sweeping overview of contemporary art as well as an epic saga of the transformative powers of the ocean.

Featuring work from artists Tacita Dean, Rodney Graham, Marcel Broodthaers, Ger van Elk, Charles Ray, Wim T. Schippers, Chris Burden, Fiona Tan and Pipilotti Rist.

Transidency is a core but ever-evolving group of artists, event organizers and film buffs; who set up and then dismantle exhibitions, events and texts on a rolling basis. The premise for the collective is that each member has an individual desire to respond to, and revolve around, the bright spark of an initial idea or context in a socially minded way.