Close Up

30 November 2012: Fitzcarraldo


Close-Up opened as a film library in 2005 and has grown to encompass regular film screenings, book library and Vertigo magazine. It has always been our dream to open our own cinema. Excitingly, we have secured a venue for this and at this very moment we are laying down the groundwork to make this a reality. Come and join us to celebrate the start of this exciting project and the future months of soul destroying, nightmarish bureaucratic hell that, for you, we are willingly walking into.

Werner Herzog
1982 | 151 min | Colour | Digital

Herzog’s epic stars Klaus Kinski as the eponymous hero who seeks to bring the grand opera to the Peruvian jungle. To fund his project he seeks to exploit a vast area of rubber trees growing beyond the impassable Ucayala Falls, sailing down the closest river before, in one of the cinema’s most iconic moments, having his 320 ton paddle steamer dragged out of the water and over a mountain to another branch of the river. Famously this scene was achieved without the use of special effects. With a soundtrack by Krautrock legends Popol Vuh, Fitzcarraldo remains one of Herzog’s greatest achievements.

After the film we are delighted to welcome DJ Cherrystones (Whatever We Want Records NYC/Brutal Music/Jigoku) to the decks, who will play rare vinyl from 50s onwards, soundtracks from all around the globe, psychedelia, Krautrock, 60s garage, anything that will make you move! This is your chance to meet and dance the night away with some of your favourite Close-Up staff members...