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28 July 2013: David Perlov: Diary


Diary - Part 1 to 6
David Perlov
1973-83 | 330 min | B/W & Colour | Digital

We are thrilled to present the UK premiere of David Perlov's Diary (Yoman). We will be welcoming Yael Perlov, the filmmaker’s daughter, who will travel from Tel Aviv to introduce the film. This year marks both 40 years of Perlov’s commencement of his diary project in 1973 and the tenth anniversary of the director’s death.

"'May 1973, I buy a camera. I want to start filming, by myself and for myself. Professional cinema does no longer attract me. To look for something else. I want to approach the everyday. Above all in anonymity. It takes time to learn how to do it.' With these words, David Perlov starts his epic film Diary. Shot over a period of three decades, first on 16mm and later on video (Updated Diary, 1990-1999), it is considered today the most striking work in Israeli documentary filmmaking." – Ariel Schweitzer, Cahiers du Cinéma

"How to capture a psychological state, how to seize a character, how to describe a place: my choices are very subjective. My personality as an author is very dominant. I use the device of cinema as an intermediary between reality and the viewer. I impose my vision on the materials. From this point of view, my 'Diary' is my identity card. I try to reach the fragile border between life and art." – David Perlov

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