Close Up

25 November 2015: [+] Film Collective: Experimental Films by Makino Takashi & Rei Hayama

Close-Up and OtherFilm present a series of films by experimental filmmakers Makino Takashi and Rei Hayama. The films of Takashi and Hayama, two founding members of the Tokyo film collective [+]. Expect hallucinatory distortions evoking chaos and patterns, nature and organic forms, filtered through an undulating macro and micro impasto view. Takashi’s performative films use points of threshold to push the viewer into beautifully overwhelming transcendent states – where visual and sonic noise engulf senses and imagination. Hayama’s films make gentle use of available resources – soil and insects become her abstract muses, and hand cranked celluloid film processed in coffee are subtle throw backs to harmonious ways of being.  

The film program will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers with Sally Golding from OtherFilm.

Inaudible Footsteps
Rei Hayama
2015 | 4'3 min | Digital

"Footsteps of horses and sheep... I run to the forest in a hurry. However, I never arrive at the destination because I am back at the original place before story is told. The forest gradually disappears... aimless footsteps are left on the stage." – Rei Hayama

Rei Hayama
2015 | 52 sec | Digital

Based on a scene from the Lumière brothers, the film was shot with a hand-cranked camera and processed in coffee developer. Unfolding across a single scene, a typical Japanese house is on fire, and burns out quickly.

Some Smallness Coming From Land
Rei Hayama
2015 | 25min | Digital

Drawing parallels from Aristotle's early, now seemingly otherworldly, theories about bird hibernation and transformation. "Land's flag is fluttering in the blowing wind. And the quail will be there too. Truth has no clear picture. Just listening to the voice of soil, in the loss of nationality of Land."  – Rei Hayama

Phantom Nebula
Makino Takashi
2014 | 52min | Digital

Music by Makino Takashi, Manuel Knapp, Hiroshi Hasegawa, ROOM5
Makino Takashi is a leading figure of contemporary Japanese experimental film. Treating image and sound as elements of equal importance, Takashi produces immersive, cosmic, organic works which evolve through the use of his special brand of dense layering. Phantom Nebula lives up to its cosmic title, "pairing cinematic footage distorted to indistinct washes of mono-coloured haze with a soundtrack of thick, low-end drone and flickering high pitched streams." – Resident Advisor. Takashi is well known for his collaborations with musicians and sonic artists including Jim O’Rourke, Colleen, Chris Corsano, Lawrence English and Floris Vanhoof. Phantom Nebula features a live score by Takashi, and the sounds of Manuel Knapp, Hiroshi Hasegawa, and ROOM5.

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