Close Up

30 April 2015: PURGE Liberated Film Catalogue Launch


For part #6 of our Teaser Screening series, PURGE will launch its first Liberated Film catalogue at Close-Up, and the music of Frans Zwartjes & Stanley Schtinter. PURGE is the liberating application in the margins in search of the proper world, a banner based in Athens and London facilitating the release of sound, image and text.

Mined from the PURGE archive, the Liberated Film catalogue consists of 33 feature films on DVD. Spanning the past 80 years, these are films unavailable elsewhere: thought lost, if ever acknowledged. Films banned on release or prior to release, and / or made in impossible circumstances. Each title in the catalogue will be available on the night, each film promising to reconfigure the viewers understanding of cinema.

PURGE also presents Zwartjes X Schtinter: a unique musical collaboration between the esteemed Dutch filmmaker and musician, Frans Zwartjes, and the maker / curator Stanley Schtinter. Susan Sontag called Zwartjes the "most important experimental filmmaker of his generation", and Chris Petit called Schtinter "VVG". Released on cassette in an edition of 50 copies, Close-Up will screen exclusive footage to accompany the audio, along-with Liberated Film work by contemporary artists from the PURGE family including Susu Laroche.

The evening will be introduced by Stanley Schtinter.

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