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16 April 2015: Simon Payne: NOT AND OR

For part #4 of our Teaser Screening series filmmaker and curator Sally Golding will present nine videos by Simon Payne. Payne’s videos turn on the indefinite qualities of images, colour, surfaces and sounds, from shot to shot, or moment-to-moment. For the last ten years his work has involved purely abstract colour fields and digital planes, though more recently he has brought in camera-recorded footage again. This programme includes pieces from 1997 to 2014, from observational films to hard-edged abstraction. We're delighted that Simon Payne will attend the screening to discuss his work.

"A new dimension at the interface between digital calculation and powerfully subjective colour and sound, as shaped and determined by primary forms." A.L. Rees

Simon Payne
1997 | 3'35 min | Digital

A sliver of light in and between several planes.

Black And White
Simon Payne
2001 | 9 min | Digital

Two previous positive responses to this piece: On one occasion a man in the audience came up to the screen and announced, in disbelief, "There’s nothing there … !"
On another occasion Tony Conrad couldn’t stop laughing.

Colour Bars
Simon Payne
2004 | 8 min | Digital

The starting point for a number of subsequent video pieces…. 

New Ratio
Simon Payne
2007 | 1'45 min | Digital

Marking the change from one standard screen ratio to another.

Simon Payne
1998 | 2 min | Digital

Pointing the camera and microphone at a subject and sequencing to make a virtue of unexpected elements in contingent subject matter.

Vice Versa Et Cetera
Simon Payne
2010 | 10 min | Digital

Ten variations of four transitions transform the screen from one field of clashing complementary colours to another, via radiating, sweeping and twisting graphic dividing lines. 

Simon Payne
2014 | 17 sec | Digital

Frivolous improvisation – what I’ve been told, with a wry smile, is "holiday art". 

Cut Out
Simon Payne
2013 | 3'33 min | Digital

Wanting to keep my hand in, with regards looking through the camera lens, this is the result.

Simon Payne
2014 | 18 min | Digital

Q: Experimental film and video advances through negation. Discuss.