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26 March 2015: The Window + And the Pig Was Born


As part of our new Teaser Screening series taking place in our library, we're delighted to present The Window + And the Pig Was Born by Lithuanian experimental filmmaker Julius Ziz. Ziz graduated from the Film Academy in Tbilisi before moving to New York, where he worked with Jonas Mekas at the Anthology Film Archives. This screening will be introduced by filmmaker and programmer Louis Benassi.

The Window
Juliuz Ziz
1989 | 17 min | Colour | Digital

Juliuz Ziz's first film, The Window, is a poetic and intimate portrait of his grandmother in her home village in Lithuania.

And the Pig Was Born
Julius Ziz
2000 | 23 min | Colour | Digital

Commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, And the Pig was Born is a poetical montage of archival footage from the Anthology Film Archives in New York.

"A tour-de-force montage film with the spirit of Vigo and Buñuel hovering over it. Made before Godard's Origins of the 21st Century, Ziz's film provokes interesting comparisons. Both deal with images of the 20th century. But while Godard's film could be described as a poster, Ziz's film is a poem." – Jonas Mekas