Close Up

15 January 2016: Athens Now: Radical Film from Contemporary Greece


Athens Now: Radical Film from Contemporary Greece – originally commissioned by and premiered at Whitechapel Gallery in July 2015 – travels to Close-Up by popular demand to launch its parallel publication. The programme will be introduced by the curator, Stanley Schtinter.  

Athens Now is a selection of films that explore – in both oblique and forensic fashion – the Greek struggle of the past seven years: police helicopter footage of anarchists; Ballardian visions of a deserted Athens in the near-future; an exploration of the rise of tourism on the island of Santorini; a portrait of poet and militant anarchist Katerina Gogou.  

The Athens Now parallel publication – the fifth volume in the Colloquium for Unpopular Culture’s Flugschriften series – will be launched that evening. Contributors include Gareth Evans, Marina Gioti, Katerina Gogou, Anja Kirschner, Jack Hirschman, Toby Lee, Rebekah Rutkoff, Chris Petit, Andrea Luka Zimmerman. Edited by Sukhdev Sandhu and Schtinter.  

Flying Anarchists
Hellenic Police Force, 2014, 3 min, Digital
Theraikos Orthros / Theraik Dawn
Kostas Sfikas & Stavros Tornes, 1967, 20 min, Digital
As to Posterity
Marina Gioti, 2014, 12 min, Digital
Return to Aeolus Street
Maria Kourkouta, 2013, 15 min, Digital
The Divided Line
Stephane Charpentier, 2013-14, 20 min, Digital
Accidental Prosecution of an Anarchist
Diakoptes Athens, 2013, 20 min, Digital
Katerina Gogou: Reinstating the Dark Side
Antonis Boskoitis, 2012, 67 min, Digital

Schtinter is an independent film curator, writer and musician based in Athens and London. He works with film "as liberating application in the margins in search of the proper world," maxxxing out with Iain Sinclair, Frans Zwartjes and many others at