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29 December 2016: In Memoriam: Mirror

On the 30th anniversary of Andrei Tarkovsky’s passing we remember and pay tribute to his life and work; with candlelit readings of his father Arseny’s poetry, followed by a screening of Mirror – the great director's deeply personal, poetic film about childhood, dreams and remembrance.

Andrei Tarkovsky
1974 | 102 min | Colour & B/W | DCP

Mirror is Andrei Tarkovsky's most autobiographical work in which he reflects upon his own childhood and the destiny of the Russian people. The film's many layers intertwine real life and family relationships – Tarkovsky's father, the poet Arseny Tarkovsky reads his own poems on the soundtrack and Tarkovsky's mother appears as herself – with memories of childhood, dreams and nightmares. From the opening sequence of a boy being cured of a stammer by hypnotism, to a scene in a printing works, which encapsulates the Stalinist era, Mirror has an extraordinary resonance and repays countless viewings.