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21 February 2016: Jan Švankmajer's Late Short Films

Late Short Films 1979-89
Programme duration ca. 95 min  

A selection of 9 late short films by the legendary Czech Surrealist filmmaker-animator Jan Švankmajer. Technically and conceptually astonishing in their own right, these films are also as remarkable for their philosophical consistency as for their frequently mind-boggling imagery.  

"The world is divided into two unequal camps: those who have never heard of Jan Švankmajer... and those who happen upon his work and know that they have come face to face with a genius." Anthony Lane, The New Yorker.  

The Castle of Otranto, 1979, 15 min, Digital
The Fall of the House of Usher, 1981, 15 min, Digital
Dimensions of Dialogue, 1982, 12 min, Digital
Down to the Cellar, 1983, 15 min, Digital
The Pendulum, the Pit and Hope, 1983, 16 min, Digital
Virile Games, 1988, 12 min, Digital
Meat Love, 1989, 1 min, Digital
Darkness-Light-Darkness, 1989, 8 min, Digital
Flora, 1989, 20 sec, Digital

Part of our Jan Švankmajer season