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10 September 2016: Joshua Oppenheimer: Early Works

As part of our season on Joshua Oppenheimer, Second Run present the complete cycle of Oppenheimer's early works. These films do not simply record or document facts; they are playful, artistic, and philosophical. Often confrontational, and frequently disquieting, they reveal how Oppenheimer's instinct for social justice has developed into a fully-fledged art form. The programme will be introduced by Mehelli Modi.

Oppenheimer's early works are presented from brand new re-mastered transfers of the films, supervised and approved by the director.

Light Test, 1995, 1 min
Camera Test
, 1995, 1 min
, 1996, 10 min
The Challenge of Manufacturing
, 1996, 7 min
These Places We’ve Learned to Call Home
, 1996, 30 min
The Entire History of the Louisiana Purchase,
1997, 47 min
Land of Enchantment
, 2000, 1 min
The Globalisation Tapes
, 2002, 68 min
Market Update
, 2002, 1 min
A Brief History of Paradise as Told by the Cockroaches
, 2002, 3 min
Muzak: A Tool of Management
, 2002, 4 min
Postcard from Sun City, Arizona
, 2003, 4 min

Total duration ca. 200 min with interval