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22 April 2016: Identification Marks: None

Identification Marks: None
Jerzy Skolimowski
1965 | 73 min | B/W | DCP

Jerzy Skolimowski’s bracingly inventive debut feature, elegantly plays out through a series of long takes – shot over a large period of time due to miniscule means – and composed in episodic tableaux to create an epic meditation on aimlessness. The story, which spurred on two sequels, follows the life of a Polish student who has been drafted into the army. He spends his remaining days re-connecting with people from his past and appreciating what freedom he does have. Skolimowski plays the lead character, Andrzej, and was the only one who would have agreed to take the job.

Part of our series on Masters of Polish Cinema and the 14th KINOTEKA Polish Film Festival.
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