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28 October 2016: The Practice of Love

The Practice of Love

1984 | 90 min | Colour | 35mm

The Practice of Love could be termed a feminist thriller about a woman investigator who uncovers a murder conspiracy, and who is in the end thwarted by a combination of government and private power. The film could also be comprehended as an essay about the impossibility of freeing oneself from the tangle of electronically and socially determined gazes and the insufficiency of language in general. Seeing it as a comedy about perception would also be possible, or even a lesson about the construction of time and space in film images. But all these possibilities (like in a 'good' mainstream film) do not add up to a mythical whole with a clear separation of text and subtext, plot and subplot; it maintains its contradictory and fragmentary nature, clearly showing the 'experimental' as a space where experience is possible.” – Georg Seeßlen

Part of our season on VALIE EXPORT