Close Up

29 - 31 July 2016: Beyond Lost & Beyond Love


The closing weekend in our month-long series of secret films celebrating Close-Up Cinema’s one-year anniversary: a programme designed to produce a specific effect in the age of ultimate contradictions. Our special guests will be writer and director Tony Grisoni and a mystery guest, as well as a new film work by Liberated Film curator, Schtinter. Our guests have been asked to introduce films that neither they, nor you, will know the title of until it’s screened. Expect the unexpected!

Curated by Schtinter, the Liberated Film Club programme consists of more than 23 lost, banned and forgotten films you cannot see anywhere else and you will not see again, screened each Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the month. No titles will be announced in advance, but look out for our final guest announcement soon.

Remember unexpected pleasures are the best kind!

Friday 29 July: Tiny Argonauts 

Introduction by writer and director Tony Grisoni

A deep reading of the ancient "heroes" uncovers a fact lost to the history of cinema, except perhaps in this film: the adventures and achievements of our heroes – Theseus for example – happened long before the age of consent (16 in the UK). And this from the director of one of the most acclaimed film series of all time (14 in Germany).

Saturday 30 July: I Can’t Wait to Get Off Work and See My Baby (And Take Him to Close-Up to See an Obscure Yugoslavian Film)

Introduction by Close-Up director Damien Sanville

Your husband and your son leave you? Never wanted children anyway, and I don't recognise the man walking away. So! Escape into the infinite potential of your dreams, fantasies and necessarily distorted memories. Probably the most absolutely completely unseen film in this programme.

Sunday 31 July: The Trouble with Loving You in a World so Weak 

Introduction by Liberated Film Club curator, Schtinter, who screens fragments from his film-work in progress, MICE

MICE is a film designed to produce a specific effect in the age of low attention and full disclosure, about a man who dedicated his life and work to making people see and think according to their own, infinite means: Brion Gysin. The film features exclusive contributions from Iain Sinclair, Genesis P-Orridge and many others. Kindly supported by Arts Council England.

Followed by, first love as a first look at the true potential of liberation. Forbidden, lost, destined for annihilation, but we ran through the garden of earthly speculations. An astounding debut from the recent millennium, a film dedicated to the most unfashionable sensation and action in 2016.

To end with love.

Part of Close-Up Cinema first anniversary programmes