Close Up

15 - 17 July 2016: Vincent Gallo Stopped at Calais


For the third of our secret programmes in our month-long anniversary celebrations, we’re excited to announce our three special guests will be artist and filmmaker Ben Rivers, writer and filmmaker Gideon Koppel and Whitechapel Gallery film curator, Gareth Evans. Each has been asked to introduce a film that neither they, nor you, will know the identity of until it’s screened. Expect the unexpected!

Curated by Schtinter, the Liberated Film Club programme consists of more than 23 lost, banned and forgotten films you cannot see anywhere else and you will not see again, screened each Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the month. No titles will be announced in advance, but look out for further exciting guest announcements in the following weeks.

Season ticket sales end this weekend so book now to avoid disappointment! And fall in love with getting lost this July at Close-Up Cinema, as unexpected pleasures are the best kind...

Friday 15 July: Vincent Gallo Stopped at Calais

Introduction by artist and filmmaker Ben Rivers

Murnau’s Faust didn’t take to Buñuel’s Spain; is alive and well for the fall of the Berlin Wall, watching from a television set in the South of France, as Europe imperceptibly slides into The Third World, or, The Third Planet. Lost? Exactly!

Saturday 16 July: Staggering Towards the 100th Birthday of the Soviet Revolution (Russian Hell Double-Bill)

Introduction by writer and filmmaker Gideon Koppel

A double-bill for those who thought Elem Klimov’s Come and See, and more recently, Laszlo NemesSon of Saul, conveyed the full horror and the full madness of war. By a director criminally lost to the English-language speaking word, probably because his name doesn’t figure in predictive text.

Sunday 17 July: Spanish Civil War 1936 – 2016

Introduction by Whitechapel Gallery film curator, Gareth Evans

Documentary shorts by the (inevitably) uncredited inventor of stereo sound: a stroboscopic tour of corrupt Catholic architecture, and a documentary feature on the terms and conditions of General Franco. Historical, hallucinatory, vital viewing.

Part of Close-Up Cinema first anniversary programmes