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1 May 2016: Estate: On Housing


With the mayoral election looming and social housing (or the erasure of it) very much on the agenda, we host this special programme alongside the current exhibition at Four Corners (showing until 29 May) featuring the series Estate by documentary photographer Robert Clayton, showcasing his images of the Lion Farm estate in the Midlands that he shot in the 1990s. Clayton has recently made a short film of the photographs, with commentary by Jonathan Meades, which will be shown, alongside Andrea Zimmerman’s Towards Estate, Joe Gilbert’s Barbican study Urban Poetry, and his Streets in the Sky, about Robin Hood Gardens estate in East London; as well as two works of social memory, John and Leathermarket by Jessica Bishopp.

Screenings will be followed by discussion with Clayton, Gilbert and Gillian McIver, a close collaborator with Zimmerman, hosted by Gareth Evans.

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